yNESS is a boutique management consulting agency that specializes in building and/or supporting businesses create value, engage their core audience and maintain their culture.

Services include but are not limited to:



We work with you to create a vision and build community that is authentic to your brand. We understand the ins and outs of creating a community that is engaged and ever growing. Together we will:
●  Create an Overall Assessment of current status and opportunities
●  Create Strategic Foundation and Vision
●  Curate your Identity & Culture based on desired audience
●  Develop Incentives and Membership Offerings




At yNESS we know its not enough to just have “clients”, or have an amazing list if no one is engaging. Using cutting edge social media, community influencers and tried and true marketing tools, we will help you with the:
●  Creation of Community Strategic Plan
●  Creation and Promotion of Impactful Signature Experiences
●  Influencer Outreach and engagement for Current Event Series
●  Music Programming




You have your community - however there is always that shiny new object that can easily pull away from your core office. We are highly skilled in maintaining communities by keeping our fingers on the pulse of the community and we will be able to help you create events, offers and benefits that will keep your community healthy and growing. Together we will:
●  Capitalize On Partnerships and creation of Collaboration opportunities
●  Create enticing Sponsorship Development Possibilities
●  Creation of Corporate Social Responsibility Program
●  Recurring Event Activation